So I while I realise I haven’t been good at keeping up in my journal here, I do have a valid reason. I have been massively busy and stressed with stuff going on at work. I’m happy to say the stress has been dealt with and things are a lot more manageable now. Unfortunately, I have had to quit my apprenticeship. I can’t remember if I said I was doing it. It was a retail NVQ level 2 apprenticeship I was doing at work. It got really hard and I began getting so stressed I was making myself ill over it. After I decided to pull out, I felt a massive wave of relief, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulder. I feel it was the right thing to do, as being sick because of stress is not a great situation, and I can’t afford any sick days from work.
Anyhoo… besides all that, I have been trying also to keep up with my journaling. Sunday I will take some pictures so I can post them here. I’m also reaching out to people. I think I might have mentioned this, so I apologise if I am repeating myself…
I used to write to a lot of people back in my teens, all the way up to my 20’s. When I started working, that kind of went to the waste side and I lost contact with a lot of my friends, unfortunately. I am now back, wanting to write with people and have put myself out there on Penpal World. I really want to connect with like minded people, who are into similar things. I’m learning to draw, so I love that. I love Journalling and also music, TV, movies, writing, reading and collecting comic books. If you would like to become penpals with me, please drop me an email at and tell me a little bit about yourselves.

I’m excited also to share with you some drawings I have been doing. As I have said I am learning to draw, teaching myself on the internet using tutorials I find on YouTube. I haven’t yet made another video, simply because I am lacking in confidence. It takes me a while to build myself up to doing anything like that and while shit’s been flying at work, it’s kinda knocked me a little bit.
But hey ho.. I’ll get there.

I hope it’s not too long before I write here again.
You can see my drawings over on Instagram – @lifeinacartoon

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