Today I caught a bus into town. It was Sunday, so as usual, all the stores close early, but I was able to get most of everything I needed. I’m having some trouble finding everything that I need. Stamps for instance. The rubber ones to make decorations with. They aren’t as cheap as I hoped and the ones I’ve looked at I’m not even sure I like. I’m also waiting on stuff I ordered from Amazon and Ebay. I have no idea when its due. Could be today, then again it might not even get here until Wednesday or Friday.

I’ve found I’m slightly impatient waiting for things I want to use!

So far I have created two signatures (inserts) and two pages. I can’t wait to do more. Although I really need to get some more scrap paper.

When I have done a bit more, I’ll take a photo to show how much progress I’ve made.

On other news, the new episode of Orphan Black is out. I went to try and watch it this morning but was far too distracted. I’ve got loads I want to do, and yet feel I haven’t got much time in which to do it. A week can go awfully fast when you’re having fun.

I still need to catch up and do some writing later today when I get a chance. Right now I am just too darn tired to think. Gonna sign off and grab some sleep.