I’ve always wanted to journal, but when I’m sat faced with blank pages after blank pages, I find myself dumb stuck. What am I supposed to write about myself and how long should I write for?
I admit, it sounds silly. I mean, after all, it is MY journal. I should write whatever the heck  I want to write and yet the words just don’t seem to want to flow.
I could write for hours endless fiction dribble, but I can’t shake that feeling that’s not what the journal is for.

So, after years of being stuck for inspiration, I finally had an idea to look on YouTube. I figured there was bound to be some videos with ideas and tips what to write. Little did I know what a massive thing it is to journal. It reminded me that it’s very much like scrapbooking.

I guess I better tell you about me:
I’m 41 and live in England.My name is Ruthie,

My hobbies include writing, reading, graphic design, journaling and collecting comics, listening to music.
I love watching Netflix and travelling when and if I can afford it. It doesn’t have to be far, but just getting out of the city is good enough.

I’ll be filling this blog with my progress in making journals and all the things I love!