Busy, busy

I’m back at work now, so my hobbies have slowed down a bit. I’m still collecting the materials I need to make my journal look good. Although I have made a start, I feel like I want to start again and make it better. I’ve also started a YouTube channel and posted my first video which you can watch here:

I’m still learning so much about these things and I guess it will take some time before I get as good as some of those very popular You Tubers, but for my first video, which was filmed on my phone, I’m quite pleased.

It’s also a big deal for me to do anything such as speaking on videos because I have a speech impediment. I’m hoping it will help me with my confidence too. At work, I’m doing an apprenticeship and I’m going to have to do presentations and record myself talking which scares the life out of me, especially in front of people who I’m not too familiar with. So this will help me practise in that are and overcome my worst fears.

Already, having uploaded my first video has given me a great boost of confidence and I’m already looking forward to my next video.


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