The Journal Has Begun

I’m well on my way to creating my journal of my dreams. Actually, I wasn’t aware it was actually my dream until a couple nights ago when I searched on YouTube about Journalling and found it it’s almost like an extreme sport — extreme journalling!

Here are my favourite vloggers so far:

  • CreativelyFree2Bme
  • Johanna Clough
  • Documented Journey
  • Snazzy Avery
  • I mean, seriously, I had no idea it was such a huge thing until I began watching all these videos about journalling, which by the way, isn’t unlike scrapbooking, I guess on a smaller scale and things you put in your journal are more personal and meaningful.
    You can have more than one journal going, according to SnazzyAvery. She has a journal, it seems for almost all occasions. I am not sure how mine is going to turn out, but hey, I am just getting started! However, I’m very psyched. And to boot, I am officially now on holiday so I can begin as soon as I have all the materials I feel I need to start!

    Right. I know, short entry today, but I’m so bushed!


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